Wylzter Gutierrez
Wylz Gutierrez

About Me

I'm an illustrator based in Philippines. My previous published works were book illustrations and shirt designs. For commissions, illustration projects and purchase artworks in print feel free to contact me through my email. My resume is available on request.

In 2013, a book entitled "Coca-Cola, Krags and Uncle Sam" was released and it had receive a lot of positive reviews. It was my first published work as an illustrator.



At the same year, I've started creating apparel illustrations for Bayani Art.



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Bayani Art
Hari Ragat Games
The Bookmark, Inc.
Don Bosco Press, Inc.

Published Works

Pintakasi (screentones)

Book Illustrations
2013: Coca-cola, Krags and Uncle Sam

2015: Dangerous Waters

Legacy (children's book)

2016: Enhancing Math Skills Kinder 1 (pages)

SCIENCE grade 3, 4, 5, 6 (covers)

Threskeia (pages)

Apparel designs
Bayani Art T-shirts
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